The Temple Health and Bioscience District Office and Laboratory Facility is home to the following companies:

"SiMMo3D is a Temple-based biomedical company dedicated to developing synthetic organ models for training surgeons, biomedical research, and teaching medical students. Our organ models, called Teaching Tissues, are made to be both affordable and anatomically accurate in size, shape, and feel. At SiMMo3D we believe our product can be used to improve patient outcomes by better preparing the medical community through applied medical simulation training."

SiMMo3D Website

Neurofront Technology LLC is a Temple based company developing both non-invasive and minimally invasive devices to monitor stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases using a novel and patented technology. The home health monitoring device will be used by any patient who is at increased risk for stroke or aneurysm rupture. The minimally invasive device will be implanted into a major vessel through an endovascular approach and monitor patients who have already suffered a stroke or have a history of ruptured aneurysm(s). Both devices are in the research and development stage.

WashSense develops prevention technologies for medical and business environments.