The Temple Health and Bioscience District Office and Laboratory Facility is home to the following companies:

Advanced Scanners Inc.: Jeff Levine Co-Founder; Aaron Bernstein Co-Founder

Advanced Scanners designs custom hi-resolution 3D surface scanners for medical, scientific, and industrial applications. Using proprietary IP, we create full color sub-millimeter resolution models that can be used to augment or replace current imaging modalities. Our devices are low cost, size-scalable, and designed on spec for custom applications.

NeuroFront Technology LLC.: Jason Huang, MD, Founder, Department Chair of Neurosurgery (BS&W)

Neurofront Technology is developing a non-invasive stroke monitoring device.

SiMMo3D Inc.: Colin Dodson Co-Founder; Ryan Quinn Co-Founder

SiMMo3D and its innovations bring accessibility to all in the MedTech industry. SiMMo3D is helping to meet the growing need for effective training tools in the medical and educational community at a time when cadavers are hard to come by and models are too expensive for most to access. SiMMo3D's targeted products improve training outcomes by better preparing the medical community through applied medical simulation training.

WashSense Inc.: Connor Dahlberg Co-Founder & CEO; Thomas E. Dahlberg, MD, FAAFP Co-Founder

WashSense specializes in Infection Control Devices and Related Software.