The Temple Health and Bioscience Economic Development District (the District) was created as a result of legislation passed by the State of Texas in 2003 and approved by the voters of Temple in the same year to establish the District. The first such district to be created in Texas, Temple's Health and Bioscience Economic Development District is governed by a seven-member board. The board members are elected by the citizens of Temple and serve staggered three-year terms. The operational activities of the District are lead by an Executive Director who is appointed by the board and a Laboratory Manager. The District is devoted to the development and creation of health and bioscience/biotechnology opportunities within the City of Temple. The District is eligible to receive Federal, State, and private grants. In addition, the District will identify and recruit biotech and life science-related businesses to locate in Temple.

Since its' inception, the District has helped facilitate many of the positive developments in Temple's drive to become a magnet for the bioscience industry. The District helped design the Scott & White Cancer Research Institute located on the West Campus and assisted in the recruitment of a nationally recognized cancer researcher to head the Institute. The District also assisted Temple College in the creation and construction of the now regionally recognized Texas Bioscience Institute (TBI) on the West Campus - in part by encouraging the City of Temple to invest $2,500,000 in the TBI initiative. The TBI, while providing a challenging science curriculum to high school juniors and seniors, also serves as an effective venue for development of a biotechnology workforce.